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Franklin played in 12 games for the Chargers last season, starting nine and registering 20 tackles.He was placed on injured reserve in Week 16 with a minor knee injury.One thing I occasionally is a discussion of Jim Tomsula in the context of Mike Singletary.Although Singletary was technically assistant head coach prior to his promotion, both were essentially elevated from position coach to head coach.Meanwhile, teams that have a turnover margin of 15 or better in a season see their turnover margins drop by an average of about 15.8 the following season, resulting in 2.32 fewer wins.Teams with a turnover margin of -15 or worse in a season have an average turnover margin the following season of the NFL recovering 64.10% of fumbles, which led to their 12 turnover margin, which was powered by a 10 fumble margin.In 2013, all of those unsustainable things that helped them in 2012 went the opposite way. They went 2-9 in games decided by a touchdown or less.

It is hard to make predictions given the drastic turnover, but that won't stop us from speculating!

Turnover margins tend to be really inconsistent on a year-to-year and week-to-week basis though, as we’re talking about events that happen on such a small percentage of snaps.

Teams with a turnover margin of 4 in a week on average have the same turnover margin the next week as a team that had a turnover margin of -4 the previous week, a turnover margin of about 0.0.

Speaking of turnovers, their turnover margin went to a league worst -20, as a result of a 44.44% fumble recovery rate, 26th in the NFL.

They also picked off an absurd low amount of passes, 7, and they threw 22 interceptions.

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